Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stripe's Diary

Jumping up and down, like a maniac, my heart was next to my ears. Every nerve was straining, I was about to face thousands of wild people, screeching our names. What if I fail? What will happen if I failed and the crowd starts booing? Would ‘I’ be kicked out of the band!? Running through my mind, as if a cheetah was stuck in there, those thoughts scuttled around as butterflies fluttered my stomach, till no more space was left. However much I cooled myself down; I still heated up again. Big clumps of sweat start to form on my head, dribbling down my face, tickling my chin as it passed. Finally the time came when we were called to go in front of the mighty crowd that could be heard throughout the city.

Gazing around the stadium, lights flickering in all directions, I was met by the inviting sight of billions of people, reaching there arms out at us, as if they were zombies, caught by the sight of brains. Playing away on our first song, I strummed away on my guitar, feeling relief and confidence cruse through my body. Twirling around, having fun, I started going as wild as the crowd, screaming and shouting the song I was playing. Although sweat was bleeding down me; I kept my grip on the guitar. Hours seemed like minutes. Our final song was beginning; the crowd was swaying along to all the dazzling music. Slowing down, I started waving my hands while ‘The Dawg’ sang his solo. After we’d stopped, the crowd cheered with a tremendous force, nearly blowing me back! Walking off the stage, I felt like a God!

Clapping and cheering, the light directors and the backstage men started to whistle. We went back onto the stage, bowing to the cheering again and finally it was over! I couldn’t wait for our next concert!

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