Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bull Dog's Diary

My heart was beating like a water pump. My skin tingled like I had pines and needles all over me! Anxiety pumped around me the wait was unbearable. Pacing up and down back stage, my confidence was gone the only thing that was keeping me there was the will of the crowed shouting my name. Suddenly, our band name was called and we stepped out on to the platform of death waiting for the unknown.

The first note was played and the gig began! All of a sudden the nerves left me and I felt like a god commanding the earth. I raised my drum sticks and the crowed roared with cheers, so I started playing the beat as the beat of butterfly wings grew faster, the faster I got. Would I fail and destroy my reputation? Or would I rock the night? Bring it on!

After the gig I felt fantastic! I high fived my fellow band members and left, too tired to do anything else. So here I am, good night!

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