Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Flame's Diary

Peering out of the curtains, I saw a wave of heads in front of me. Backstage, The Dawg (the leader of the Tigers) was pouring some courage into everyone’s bodies. Feeling like my body was going to explode with pressure, I took several long deep breaths. The pressure was on! Was I going to fail? One slightest mistake and all of our hard work would be gone! Now I was ready! I felt like a real tiger, pouncing onto the gleaming stage, as a burst of bravery went through my body.

I was on stage already and I knew that this was it! I couldn’t afford the slightest mistake. This was my moment to shine. Although I was nervous, I felt like the god of all gods! I could hear people screaming my name and singing along with our song. I could see nothing because of all of the blinding lights in my eyes. All I was thinking of now was my solo. Suddenly, the drums started to play the beat. In a few seconds I knew I would be playing my 15 second guitar solo! Those seconds felt like an hour.

After the show, I felt happy but partially sad because I didn’t want it to end. After the song there was a huge applause. The Dawg gave us a pat on our backs, and we went to a pub to celebrate. See you tomorrow.

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