Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hell's Demon Guitar

Bull Dog's Diary

My heart was beating like a water pump. My skin tingled like I had pines and needles all over me! Anxiety pumped around me the wait was unbearable. Pacing up and down back stage, my confidence was gone the only thing that was keeping me there was the will of the crowed shouting my name. Suddenly, our band name was called and we stepped out on to the platform of death waiting for the unknown.

The first note was played and the gig began! All of a sudden the nerves left me and I felt like a god commanding the earth. I raised my drum sticks and the crowed roared with cheers, so I started playing the beat as the beat of butterfly wings grew faster, the faster I got. Would I fail and destroy my reputation? Or would I rock the night? Bring it on!

After the gig I felt fantastic! I high fived my fellow band members and left, too tired to do anything else. So here I am, good night!

The Dawg's Diary

Walking back and forth, I was nervous. Afraid that something bad might happen! Peering out of the red, opaque curtain I could see a long river of heads as far as the eye could see. The crowd was cheering my name; which made me even more nervous. Breathing heavily, I felt beads of sweat dripping down my wet forehead. Putting my hand around a soda, I tried to relax! After I had finished, it was time to rock ‘n’ roll!

Going out onto the stage first worried me. Suddenly, the crowd started to cheer my name again and again. It made me feel in control. Introducing my band to the crowd: Bulldog first as our drummer, then The Flame who was the guitarist, Stripes the bass guitarist and I finally me! A huge cheer went up as Bulldog started the beat. We played and played until the clock struck midnight.

Later, we headed to our local pub to go treat ourselves. The place where all this started, the pub where I first started playing! Eventually I went home and wrote in my journal. Now I’m going to sleep…

Stripe's Diary

Jumping up and down, like a maniac, my heart was next to my ears. Every nerve was straining, I was about to face thousands of wild people, screeching our names. What if I fail? What will happen if I failed and the crowd starts booing? Would ‘I’ be kicked out of the band!? Running through my mind, as if a cheetah was stuck in there, those thoughts scuttled around as butterflies fluttered my stomach, till no more space was left. However much I cooled myself down; I still heated up again. Big clumps of sweat start to form on my head, dribbling down my face, tickling my chin as it passed. Finally the time came when we were called to go in front of the mighty crowd that could be heard throughout the city.

Gazing around the stadium, lights flickering in all directions, I was met by the inviting sight of billions of people, reaching there arms out at us, as if they were zombies, caught by the sight of brains. Playing away on our first song, I strummed away on my guitar, feeling relief and confidence cruse through my body. Twirling around, having fun, I started going as wild as the crowd, screaming and shouting the song I was playing. Although sweat was bleeding down me; I kept my grip on the guitar. Hours seemed like minutes. Our final song was beginning; the crowd was swaying along to all the dazzling music. Slowing down, I started waving my hands while ‘The Dawg’ sang his solo. After we’d stopped, the crowd cheered with a tremendous force, nearly blowing me back! Walking off the stage, I felt like a God!

Clapping and cheering, the light directors and the backstage men started to whistle. We went back onto the stage, bowing to the cheering again and finally it was over! I couldn’t wait for our next concert!

The Flame's Diary

Peering out of the curtains, I saw a wave of heads in front of me. Backstage, The Dawg (the leader of the Tigers) was pouring some courage into everyone’s bodies. Feeling like my body was going to explode with pressure, I took several long deep breaths. The pressure was on! Was I going to fail? One slightest mistake and all of our hard work would be gone! Now I was ready! I felt like a real tiger, pouncing onto the gleaming stage, as a burst of bravery went through my body.

I was on stage already and I knew that this was it! I couldn’t afford the slightest mistake. This was my moment to shine. Although I was nervous, I felt like the god of all gods! I could hear people screaming my name and singing along with our song. I could see nothing because of all of the blinding lights in my eyes. All I was thinking of now was my solo. Suddenly, the drums started to play the beat. In a few seconds I knew I would be playing my 15 second guitar solo! Those seconds felt like an hour.

After the show, I felt happy but partially sad because I didn’t want it to end. After the song there was a huge applause. The Dawg gave us a pat on our backs, and we went to a pub to celebrate. See you tomorrow.

Bull Dog's Biography

Bull Dog - also referred to as Charlie Webster - was born on the 3rd of November, 1990. His birth name was Charlie Peter Stanton – Webster! Later referred to as Peter, Charlie Stanton - Webster. His father was called Julian and his mum (liked to call herself raggedy) was named Jane. Having two sisters was annoying for Charlie since he was the only boy in the family. They were called Jemma and Katie and were both older than him.

As a child, Bull Dog’s earliest memory was of listening to his dad playing the harmonica whilst sitting round a fire.

From the age of 3 to 10, Charlie attended Kellett Primary School in Hong Kong. There he learned to play the drums! He also started to learn the trombone! Not liking English or Mathematics, he discovered a great passion for music.

In 2001 he moved to secondary school. Bull Dog attended St. Hughes Secondary School in England. There he took up the bongos, while in his spare time he also enjoyed playing blues music on his harmonica. Bull Dog also spent hours on iTunes, listening to his iPod or on Garage Band!

When Bull Dog finished upper sixth, in 2008, Halybery School, England, he went straight to work. His job was teaching people to play the drums. However, Bull Dog soon realised he wasn’t making enough money! He made some unfortunate life choices, which consequently led him to prison. It was in jail that he met his first band member Stripes (Zac) they were cell mates. Soon they were transported to a different jail in Boston. They went in to jail confused maniac messes and came out a band.

Stripes and Bull Dog worked in a pub playing as The Cheetahs! However, there was one problem; they didn’t have a singer or a guitarist! At the same time as they were playing in the pub, another band were playing too. They liked one another’s sound and decided to join together, forming The Tigers!

Currently, they are about to go on a world tour starting in Australia and ending up in China.

The Dawg's Biography

The Dawg – otherwise known as Fletcher - was born in Sydney, Australia on June 14th in 1992. As a baby, he was very happy, although he often did mysterious things like disappearing! His mum, named Katrina, was just a housewife (which isn’t really a job!) The man of the house was a banker, named Michael. However, the most annoying person in his house was his brother, Robert! As the younger of the two, he wanted to feel like he was very important.

At the age of 2, The Dawg started pre-school. Soon enough, he learnt that he had amazing singing ability, consequently, his parents sent him to a school for the gifted, which is where he truly belonged. His teacher thought he was one of the best singers in the school, so he constantly encouraged him to rehearse. The Dawg soon discovered that his singing astonished most people, resulting in him being very popular. After each performance he was ‘mobbed’, which made him really annoyed as a child.

2 years later, he left that school and started to attend a school for the extremely talented! Immediately, he was enrolled and promoted to the top singing class. Although, he was younger and smaller than everyone, he still tried his best. Sadly, The Dawg became a victim of bullying, so he started to ‘skip’ school. One day rolled into another and it turned out that he stayed at home for weeks! Worried, his parents decided to send him to a public school for a short time. A few years later, at the age of 6, The Dawg’s Dad died, so he was sent to Boston, USA to live with his uncle. Luckily, he had an amazing neighbour (Tim) who had an amazing talent for the guitar. Although Tim and The Dawg went to a different school, they remained really good friends and decided to start a band!

High school was a tough time! Teacher’s relied on him to do everything! Consequently, he got teased for being the ‘teachers pet’ which made him very upset and annoyed. However, that never changed the fact that he was a good singer and in a fun band.

The Dawg didn’t go to university because he left school at 18! Instead, he worked on his music with The Flame. They performed live on stage for $2000 a night! One day when they were performing they saw a very special person in the crowd: Slash! He was legendary to them. Truly inspirational! He was the reason ‘The Flame’ became a guitarist.

One day, in 2010, after they had performed, they were having a rest before they packed up to go home, when they heard two musicians playing in the corner. One was a bass guitarist and the other was a drummer - just what they needed to complete their band! Approaching them, they asked if they would like to ‘try out’ for their band. Luckily, they passed!

The Dawg and his band starting playing bigger venues: 5-star restaurants and part time in a hotel, earning $5000 for 2 nights in the restaurants and $2000 for 3 nights in the hotel. After 2 months, the whole of Boston knew them; subsequently they decided to hold their first consort. It was a major success and they gained millions of dollars from it. They stayed in Boston for several more concerts, until they decided to take their music over to Australia.

In Australia, they performed in several small venues around Sydney until finally they were given the opportunity to perform in a major stadium! It was a sell out for both tickets and The Tigers souvenirs! Soon, The Tigers were performing world wide!

Currently, they are back in America working on their latest album!