Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Flame's Biography

Timothy Scranton (The Flame) - was born on September 1st, 1992 in Boston, USA. He was a poor, but friendly child. His mom, Catherine, was an enthusiastic lawyer. Eric – his dad – was a banker. Tim also had an older brother and a younger sister called Martin and Sally.

When Tim was two, he started to strum on his older brother’s guitar. He was so happy with the feeling so his hands touching the strings. However, Martin didn’t like him playing his guitar, so he put it on a shelf where Tim couldn’t reach it.

Tim’s favourite memory was on his third birthday, when he finally got his first guitar! Since Tim didn’t go to school, he played the guitar all day. By the time he was 5 he had already made his first song called: “I want you back!” This song was dedicated to his younger sister, who sadly Tim doesn’t really remember, as she died when he was only 2.

Primary School was very difficult for Tim, but there was one thing that he always looked forward too: music! His guitar teacher Mr. Goober thought he was fantastic. He said, “The first time I heard Tim play; I was amazed by his natural talent on the guitar!”

Tim enjoyed secondary school. Everyone liked his music; therefore he was popular among his peers. By the age of 15 he had already had a formed a band with Fletcher (his next door neighbour) who sang.

After high school, in 2010, Tim decided not to go to university to study music (much to his Mother’s disgust!). Instead, he got a job performing in a pub with Fletch. They earned $2000 per week by performing live on stage each night and lived in a small apartment in Boston, USA. One night, while they were performing, they didn’t know that there was a very special person in the room that would change their lives forever! The man was the legendary Slash (one of Tim’s ultimate guitar heroes!) He was his inspiration as a teenager. Luckily, Slash enjoyed their sound so much; he decided to invest some money into their small band.

In 2010, The Dawg (Fletch) and The Flame (Tim) had just finished recording their new song, so they went to a local pub to relax and celebrate. Jamming in the pub was a drummer and a bass guitarist (just what Fletch and Tim needed to become a full band). They heard them play and liked them, so they offered them a position in their band.

Several months later they had renamed themselves: The Tigers and were playing in a selection of 5 star restaurants and hotel. After a few months of hard work they played their first concert in Boston. From there they took their tour to Australia and then onto America.

Currently, they have just finished recording their new album and song: TNT!

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