Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stripe's Biography

Stripes (formally known as Zac) was born on the 6th of December, 1989, in a town called Sackfron. Abruptly entering the world – he was only 5lb, due to his early arrival! From the moment he opened his eyes his parents admired him. His mum, Jane, was a science teacher at Sackfron High School, while his dad (Philip) was an Insurance Broker who made millions of dollars for his company, ensuring a good living for Zac’s family. Sadly, when Zac was 2 his dad tragically died of a bee sting. This left Zac fatherless and an only child!

Zac was a curious little child and at the tender age of 3 he discovered the radio! Flicking the switch one day, the room was filled with jazz music. Immediately, Zac began dancing around in circles! That was the beginning of his passion for music!

Several years went by, and when Zac was 7 he moved into third grade. Delighted with his performance in school, his mum bought him his first guitar. Ever since that moment, Zac was often found either in his bedroom or in the school music room, strumming away on his guitar! As he moved through primary school, he got better and better. Consequently, his music teacher - Mr. Peaker – who was amazed at his talent started to give him extra lessons. By the time he was in year 6 he was considered to be the best guitarist in his village!

Secondary school crept up to Zac Newfettle. Being nearly the coolest punk in the grade; he started to become sneaky and cheeky. Artistic, as he’d come to with his music he began to create his own songs. In year 10, he tried to form his own band, although he had no luck because no one was good enough for him to play alongside him. Successful in all his music studies, Zac was to chosen to study music at Liverpool University.

Whilst at university, Zac earned his living by teaching the guitar to younger children. He really enjoyed it. However, after he graduated, he wasn't earning enough money so he decided to rob the local bank. Consequently, he was caught and he went to jail. After a year or so in jail, he met Peter (stage name Bulldog). Five months later, they were released and formed a two man band: The Panthers.

One evening Stripes (Zac) and Bull Dog were playing in a local bar. After they had performed they met Fletcher and Tim, who had been drinking in the bar that evening. Fletcher was a singer, known as The Dawg, and the guitarist, Tim, was known as The Flame.

Several months later they had formed The Tigers.

Since they formed the band have been enjoying their success! They started off playing gigs in small restaurants and hotels in Boston. Currently, they have just released their hit song and album called TNT, which has sold over fifteen million copies already. Also, The Tigers are just about to play their first world tour!

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