Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bull Dog's Biography

Bull Dog - also referred to as Charlie Webster - was born on the 3rd of November, 1990. His birth name was Charlie Peter Stanton – Webster! Later referred to as Peter, Charlie Stanton - Webster. His father was called Julian and his mum (liked to call herself raggedy) was named Jane. Having two sisters was annoying for Charlie since he was the only boy in the family. They were called Jemma and Katie and were both older than him.

As a child, Bull Dog’s earliest memory was of listening to his dad playing the harmonica whilst sitting round a fire.

From the age of 3 to 10, Charlie attended Kellett Primary School in Hong Kong. There he learned to play the drums! He also started to learn the trombone! Not liking English or Mathematics, he discovered a great passion for music.

In 2001 he moved to secondary school. Bull Dog attended St. Hughes Secondary School in England. There he took up the bongos, while in his spare time he also enjoyed playing blues music on his harmonica. Bull Dog also spent hours on iTunes, listening to his iPod or on Garage Band!

When Bull Dog finished upper sixth, in 2008, Halybery School, England, he went straight to work. His job was teaching people to play the drums. However, Bull Dog soon realised he wasn’t making enough money! He made some unfortunate life choices, which consequently led him to prison. It was in jail that he met his first band member Stripes (Zac) they were cell mates. Soon they were transported to a different jail in Boston. They went in to jail confused maniac messes and came out a band.

Stripes and Bull Dog worked in a pub playing as The Cheetahs! However, there was one problem; they didn’t have a singer or a guitarist! At the same time as they were playing in the pub, another band were playing too. They liked one another’s sound and decided to join together, forming The Tigers!

Currently, they are about to go on a world tour starting in Australia and ending up in China.

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