Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Dawg's Biography

The Dawg – otherwise known as Fletcher - was born in Sydney, Australia on June 14th in 1992. As a baby, he was very happy, although he often did mysterious things like disappearing! His mum, named Katrina, was just a housewife (which isn’t really a job!) The man of the house was a banker, named Michael. However, the most annoying person in his house was his brother, Robert! As the younger of the two, he wanted to feel like he was very important.

At the age of 2, The Dawg started pre-school. Soon enough, he learnt that he had amazing singing ability, consequently, his parents sent him to a school for the gifted, which is where he truly belonged. His teacher thought he was one of the best singers in the school, so he constantly encouraged him to rehearse. The Dawg soon discovered that his singing astonished most people, resulting in him being very popular. After each performance he was ‘mobbed’, which made him really annoyed as a child.

2 years later, he left that school and started to attend a school for the extremely talented! Immediately, he was enrolled and promoted to the top singing class. Although, he was younger and smaller than everyone, he still tried his best. Sadly, The Dawg became a victim of bullying, so he started to ‘skip’ school. One day rolled into another and it turned out that he stayed at home for weeks! Worried, his parents decided to send him to a public school for a short time. A few years later, at the age of 6, The Dawg’s Dad died, so he was sent to Boston, USA to live with his uncle. Luckily, he had an amazing neighbour (Tim) who had an amazing talent for the guitar. Although Tim and The Dawg went to a different school, they remained really good friends and decided to start a band!

High school was a tough time! Teacher’s relied on him to do everything! Consequently, he got teased for being the ‘teachers pet’ which made him very upset and annoyed. However, that never changed the fact that he was a good singer and in a fun band.

The Dawg didn’t go to university because he left school at 18! Instead, he worked on his music with The Flame. They performed live on stage for $2000 a night! One day when they were performing they saw a very special person in the crowd: Slash! He was legendary to them. Truly inspirational! He was the reason ‘The Flame’ became a guitarist.

One day, in 2010, after they had performed, they were having a rest before they packed up to go home, when they heard two musicians playing in the corner. One was a bass guitarist and the other was a drummer - just what they needed to complete their band! Approaching them, they asked if they would like to ‘try out’ for their band. Luckily, they passed!

The Dawg and his band starting playing bigger venues: 5-star restaurants and part time in a hotel, earning $5000 for 2 nights in the restaurants and $2000 for 3 nights in the hotel. After 2 months, the whole of Boston knew them; subsequently they decided to hold their first consort. It was a major success and they gained millions of dollars from it. They stayed in Boston for several more concerts, until they decided to take their music over to Australia.

In Australia, they performed in several small venues around Sydney until finally they were given the opportunity to perform in a major stadium! It was a sell out for both tickets and The Tigers souvenirs! Soon, The Tigers were performing world wide!

Currently, they are back in America working on their latest album!

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